Neon Blossom

Cassette Fundraiser Series

Aug 16th at 6PM / 0 notes

$7 US | $8 Can. | $10 International  PAYPAL:

NBR01: Red Electric Rainbow: Your Voodoo Really Bores Me c32 (ltd. 10)

NBR02: Astral Social Club: Capitols Collapsed c30 (ltd. 50)

NBR03: Carlos Giffoni: On Spirals c30 (ltd. 50)

NBR04: Red Electric Rainbow: Pale Blue Blossom c32 (ltd. 25)

NBR05: Red Electric Rainbow: Endless Sodium Lights c30 (ltd. 25)

NBR06: Cornucopia: Cosmic Triggers c30 (ltd. 50)

NBR07: Red Electric Rainbow & Wasteland Jazz Unit c20 (ltd. 40)

NBR08: Sunglasses: Dark Tangles c32 (ltd. 25)

NBR09: Government Alpha: Subtle Drugs c30 (ltd. 50)

NBR10: Red Electric Rainbow: Domestic Bliss c20 (ltd. 10)

NBR11: Dead Pilots: Schematics c30 (ltd. 12)

NBR12: White Leopards: Dark God A Silver Cluster c30 (ltd. 25)

NBR13: Kylie Minoise: Satanutrasweet c20 (ltd. 50)

NBR14: Wether: Seasons On Other Planets c20 (ltd. 25)

NBR15: Red Electric Rainbow: Digital Shaman c30 (ltd. 25)

NBR16: Red Electric Rainbow: Poltergeist c30 (ltd. 25)

NBR17: Sunglasses: Dutch Vitamins c30 (ltd. 25)

NBR18: Dead Pilots: Out Fuck The Murder Virus c30 (ltd. 5)

NBR19: Fossils: Mind Fold c30 (ltd. 25)

NBR20: Derek Rogers: Plectrum Silence c30 (ltd. 25)

NBR21: Red Electric Rainbow: Shanghai Complex c62 (ltd. 25)

NBR22: Red Electric Rainbow: Love Is A Haunting Refrain c10 (ltd. 50)

NBR23: Brent Gutzeit: Rocks & Blows c40 (ltd. 50)

NBR24: Jason Soliday: Displacer c30 (ltd. 50)

NBR25: The Haters: Sonic Hair Ice To Go c22 (ltd. 100)

NBR26: Sixes: Sthenoextasis c30 (ltd. 50)

NBR27: Red Electric Rainbow: What Our Bodies Cannot Feel: Part 1 c20 (ltd. 25)

NBR28: Drainolith: Under The Volcano c30 (ltd. 25)

NBR29: Battleship: Enantiodromia c30 (ltd. 25)

NBR30: Pod Blotz: The Bejeweled Submarine c20 (ltd. 25)

NBR31: Carter-Clixby-Yeh: 8-7-10 c30 (ltd. 50)

NBR32: Fragments: Fragments For The Now c30 (ltd. 25)

NBR33: Noveller: Beneath The Basin c20 (ltd. 50)

NBR34: Dave Phillips: Zetetic c30 (ltd. 100)

NBR35: C.C.C.C. Live At Velvet Sun  (ltd. 120)

NBR36: Andrew Coltrane: Always & Forever c30 (ltd. 25)

NBR37: Dead Pilots: I Cut My Own Strings c10 (ltd. 25)

NBR38: Red Electric Rainbow & Wether: Split c30  (ltd. 60)

NBR39: Nonhorse: Winters Grip c60  (ltd. 75)

NBR40: Keith Fullerton Whitman: Chicago Generators c30  UNRELEASED

NBR41: Red Electric Rainbow & Sunglasses: Acid Test Tour Split c30 (ltd. 25)

NBR42: Red Electric Rainbow: 80’s Skateboard Exorcist c20 (ltd. 25)

NBR43: Sunglasses: Animal Facts c20 (ltd. 25)

NBR44: 70’s Era Pink Floyd: Gravity Without Hope c30 (ltd. 25)

NBR45: 70’s Era Pink Floyd: Triangular Abstractions c20 (ltd. 25) 

NBR46: Kplr: Random Impulse Generator c30 (ltd. 25) 

NBR47: 56k: Barcoded Dreams c32 (ltd. 50)

All titles are sold out & out of print. Special thanks to everyone.

This project would not have been possible without Daniel Wade Quarfeld

Curated by Daniel D. Smith

Neon Marshmallow / Chicago